Monday, July 29, 2019

Understand Recommitment Better



I would like to remind us that the system we are operating right now is one of its kind and purely designed by MMMC. Therefore as time goes on, we would continue to understand more.

Initially we expected that the best time to make recommitment would be once the PH you have paid turns green.

But from what we have confirmed, you can make recommitment anytime. That is once you create a PH in the system, you are free to create another one at any time and the new PH will serve as recommitment for the previous one.

We have also confirmed that once the previous PH turns green, you are free to GH your principal amount, since you have already paid 10% of the new PH via Vm.

Also; once you have received payment for your principal amount, confirmed and written LOH, you are free to GH your growth reward. As for when you will GH bonuses, you will be informed once that is confirmed.

However; do not make the mistake of attempting to use this to predict the system, because the second 10% and 80% of your recommitment could also be matched in process. So ensure you have the cash in hand for any PH request you create.


2 coment rios

Something happened in my account that I really do not understand. I ph'ed 0.015 btc & when it was due for gh, I ph'ed & I was only given my principal pH amount, which is 0.015. I ph'ed immediately after ghing becuase that's how I usually do.i paid 10% vm of my ph & after about 5days or a week later I got merged to pay out 10% in btc which I did. Today I just paid out the balance, which is the 80%. Up till now I've not seen the growth neither have I been merged to be paid my growth. I need help please. My upline who happens to be my guider knows absolutely nothing about btc

Hv u posted the complaint on the guider group?