Sunday, August 4, 2019

A Church is not a Building.


It is Sunday morning. "Christians" are trooping out to go to a building they call church. Some have gone already and are on their way home. People are proud to announce, I am a Catholic, Redeemer, Winners, CAC, Cele, C&S, etc, etc. Many are "workers" in these denominations, and to them, they are serving God. Yet, when we go out to preach the gospel, or when we probe deeper, in love, just to know where they are actually, we find out as follows.
Some have not even experienced genuine repentance that can lead to being born-again. Some are born-again, but are not baptized as we read it in the Bible. Many who are baptized, even properly, (I mean by immersion) have not experienced that second encounter of being baptized with the Holy Spirit, with evidence in speaking in tongues. Acts 2:38 is very instructive on all these. And finally, those that have all that are listed above, are just church goers, occupied with church activities, trapped in the system as it were ,( I was there) not knowing they already are empowered, and have a higher calling. This higher calling is simply to be disciples who replicate themselves and enduring till the end. ( Mathew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-18).

Wake up people! Church is not the building you go on Sunday morning and once or twice during the week. When the Bible says, do not forsake to fellowship with the brethren, it did not say it has to be in a special building which we now call church. Why this emphasis on building? For example, those who say they are called into ministry will have one goal, it's to have their own  building! And for the established denominations/institutions, don't we have enough buildings already? Why this emphasis on buildings? Is it about buildings programmes, bulletins, and the rest?

I humbly agree we should reimagine church. Why can't we do it simpler, even if not exactly as we read in the Book of Acts because we live in a different time? The simplicity, passion, purity of heart with which the early Chuch pursue God should remain a template we should adopt. Let's do "church" in a way more pleasing to God. Or do we think God is pleased, for example, how the God of mammon has taken over the Bride of Christ? We just need to do things differently, individually and collectively. If you are in the spirit ( which simply means attuned with the Word of God for a start) you will know things are not what it should be in the Church, at least in this clime.
The Church needs to wake up, and for a far reaching results, the change has to start from the top. Be that as it may, it's a personal race, and everyone will give account to God at the end of it all. That is why as an individual, you cannot afford to be nonchalant.