Sunday, August 4, 2019




What we all need to understand is that this is the first month since the new system of operation was introduced and we are aware that PH is not matched to admins at anytime.

When some top guiders got auto-GH we complained so much about it, forgetting that it's not FREE... they are owing the community now and will pay back.

Matching has been gradual to ensure that the system doesn't regress and to monitor the process of activities.

 So the fact is everyone may not be matched before the 30th day reaches,some might be matched even on their 30th day or after 30days! simply because nobody to pay to & the volume of PHs generated so far is super amazing!.., but we should be able to make our DLs/ DDLs understand that the delay is not UNEXPECTED!,since the new system just began and PHs don't get matched to admins. So everything will stabilize with time.

 *The admins have pledged their loyalty to the system and to us and we have seen that this new system is built to last for long (reducing false participation to the barest minimum in the process).*

Where have you ever experience PH taking over 3weeks to 4weeks to get matched???...where participants are so anxious & eager to pay out??...none except mmmcooperation!!!

So it's up to us to make participants understand and follow as the process gradually unfolds...

We are mmmcooperation!