Thursday, December 19, 2019




My name is Akpa Monday Ogri. I am an indigene of Ideni-Gabu in Gabu ward,

Yala Local Government Council. I am single, I understand and have the

requisite knowledge and dynamics of effective representation.


My mission is largely borne out of the desire to serve and to provide quality

leadership and good governance as councillor in Gabu ward at the level of Yala

Local Government Council.

Elders of Gabu, indefatigable leaders of our great party (PDP), well respected

men and women of Gabu, over-conscious youths of Gabu, Ladies and


It is with utmost honour and glory to God Almighty to stand before you this

hour to address you on my plan to build a Gabu of our dream. As a little boy

growing up in Gabu, I was told how our community used to be the center of

attraction because of its richness in human and material resources, history and

rich fertile soil. It is my plan and aspirations to return Gabu to what it was

originally known for.

To return Gabu back to its original state, it requires our collective effort and

sense of purpose. In my capacity as a ward Secretary of Peoples Democratic

Party (PDP), my team and I have been able to establish justice, equity, fairness

and internal democracy in our party. I seize this opportunity to appeal to you to

entrust me with this office, by God’s grace Gabu shall be great again. Also, I

have been in the student unionism, I played a fundamental role in rejuvenating

the Gabu students union. In this union, I left a legacy of discipline, stability,

accountability, purposeful leadership and continuity. Today, we can proudly say

that we have an infallible and formidable National Association of Gabu

students worldwide (NAGS).

The trust of my leadership continues at every sphere of my life, this distinguished

me when I was democratically elected as the Auditor General National

Association of Yala Local Government Students Worldwide (NAYLOGS). As a

former student of Benue state university, when we started increasing in numbers

as student from Gabu were gaining more ground, I deemed it necessary for us

to have and association where we can crop ideas to promote our collective

interest on campus. Through my effort and other few persons, we now have

Gabu student union recognized and duly registered by the student affairs

division of the Benue State University. In the same vein, I was elected as the

President of Legal Aids CDS Group while doing my compulsory one year service in Anambra state


My Elders, very respected party leaders, women, over-conscious youths of Gabu

and my fellow compatriot, I consider this decision as a clarion call to change the

phrase of our community. It is in no doubt that our community has been

staggering from one challenges confronting us as a people, one of which is a

decayed infrastructures. My coming at this point is divine, to make Gabu stand

tall in comity of communities in Yala Local Government Area, to connect us to

the centre and rekindle our hope.

Therefore, I make bold to tell you that my integrity, capacity, exposure, sagacity

and my sense of diplomacy prepared me better to connect Gabu to the centre.

The following reasons give me concern while history has to be made at this point

of our entire live.


Education is the bedrock of human development; Education will form a

cardinal point of my representation. I will ensure that every child in our

community is adequately assisted with learning materials. No child will be

denied basic education in our community. I will establish a close relationship

between Head masters of our Primary schools and our Secondary schools. I

will conduct a regular supervision of the performance of pupils and students.

This will be done through the office of the Directorate of Local Government

Education Authority in the council. I will also advice teachers to organize

debate and quiz competition amongst students and pupils. This part of

extracurricular activities will bring togetherness among Gabu children. 


Primary Health Care system will be properly organized, I will ensure that

pre-natal, ante-natal and post-natal are adequately given to our nursing

mothers. I will also ensure that there is regular supplying of drugs to our

primary Health care. I will make sure that well equipped first Aid Boxes and

properly distributed to our primary schools and secondary schools.


In our contemporary society, sports activities are unifying factor, I will

promote and organize local sport (Football) a competition across Hamlet that made up Gabu community . 


Agriculture is the main source of National income, for most developing

countries, it plays significant role to both human and the economy of a

nation and its even a backbone of Gabu community hence, I will ensure

that farmers get fertilizers to improve their produce and if harvested,

measures for preservation will be introduced and proper marketing of their



Social activity keeps us sharp and mentally engaged, this is important to

prevent the onset of dementia diseases. It maintains good emotional health. Therefore, I will introduce event like pageantry  where we will have a Mr and Miss Gabu, special days will be created for this events where our cultural

heritage will be displayed, dancing competition, singing competition and others. The essence of which will locate and discover young talent in the community and unite the various clans of Gabu community at large. 


The following prepares me for the task ahead: - General Secretary of the People Democratic Party (PDP) Gabu ward. - Former National Auditor General, National Association of Yala Local Government Students Worldwide (NAYLOGS). - Former National President of Gabu students (NAGS)

- Former Financial Secretary Gabu students Union, Benue State Chapter

- President Legal Aids CDS Group Batch A 2019 Anambra State

- Secretary General and Pioneer member of the only registered Associationof Gabu Indigenes, Abuja Branch

- Former Electoral Chairman (GPU) Abuja Branch

- Legislative Aid to Rt. Hon. Regina L. Anyogo (Deputy Chief Whip)

- Former National Financial Secretary (GPU) Abuja Branch

- The Founder of the Gabu Pillar Peer Group


1. Purposeful Leadership

2. Transparency

3. Egalitarian society, as a philosopher and with knowledge of plato’s idea about an ideal state, I will ensure Gabu of our dream.

 4. Accountability

5. Unity of purpose

To this end therefore, the hour has come to establish a dynamics that will make

Gabu great again. 

There is going to be adequate community engagement and communication development in other to harness both human and non-human resources within our locality. According to Plato, a philosopher King is a ruler who possesses both love of wisdom, as well as intelligence, reliability and willingness to a simple life. Great people of Gabu, I am here, I am the philosopher King, please sent me and I will not fail you. Gabu shall be great


Thank you all for coming and may God bless.

Long Live Gabu

Long Live Yala Local Government

Long Live PDP

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